I'm Fiona, a fourth-year undergraduate student living and working in NYC. I've been studying environmental science at Sarah Lawrence College, and I'm looking for multidisciplinary opportunities in data science, conservation, ecology, and environmental justice. Data visualization is a passion of mine, and I'm always trying to become a more clear and compelling communicator through my analysis work.

Recent work and placements

I recently completed a placement as an intern for NYC's Vulnerability, Impact, and Adaptation Analysis (VIA) team under supervision of Bernice Rosenzweig. This opportunity provided me valuable insights into the city's climate adaptation work, and allowed me room to grow my spatial and non-spatial visualization and analysis skills. My work as a VIA intern followed my position as a NYC VIA Summer Fellow in 2023, which provided similar growth to my competencies as a data scientist and communicator. Both placements challenged (and subsequently improved) my literacy with QGIS and Python visualizations. The visualizations I created are being used in the New York City Panel on Climate Change (NPCC) 2024 report, which has not yet been published, as well as other unpublished works.
Rosenzweig, B. Montalto, F. Orton, P. et al. New York City Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report: Climate Change and New York City’s Flood Risk. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. In Review (Submitted September 2023).

Visualizations featured in the NPCC 2024 report

Extreme Stormwater Inundation of NYCHA Buildings

Groundwater Flood Inundation of Vulnerable Buildings

Coastal Flood Event in NYC: December 2022

Groundwater Flood Inundation of NYCHA Buildings

Browse my previous research projects

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Fall 2022

Radioecology of Chornobyl: the biological effects of ionizing radiation on natural systems and non-human biota

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Summer Science: 311 Data & Pluvial Flooding in NYC

Summer 2022

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